African Centred Curriculum

An African Centred Curriculum is one that teaches our African history and tells African children about themselves. Replacing European traditional “heroes” with African ones.

One that uses African features to teach about astronomy, geography, and natural history, animals, plants, nutrition, and biology.

One where our own people are given an authentic voice in their own histories instead of being relegated to textbooks full of racist stereotypes.

African Centred Curriculum

One that teaches our older children and youth about Africa’s contributions to math, science, medicine, literature, art, music, linguistics etc.

One that is inclusive of African culture in our homes and communities by teaching how certain foods are prepared/grown/eaten in traditional ways for example instead of just giving them a recipe book.

African-centered education also teaches children about how their melanin makes them different cell by cell, on a molecular level, and that this has an effect on their health. That their melanin gives them certain abilities and talents, both physical and mental. And conversely, that certain substances bind with their melanin and can affect them in different ways to others, as mentioned in the book Melanin The Chemical Key To Black Greatness.

That our children are powerful beings who can create change for themselves, their families, their communities, their nation. That they are the “key” to African liberation because without liberating them from internalized European inferiority complexes of self-hatred/self-doubt/self-loathing/ low self-esteem, we can never truly be free.

That they are worthy of being able to love their hair in all its kinky curly glory by giving them Afrocentric hair care routines that help maintain healthy hair and scalp (using natural ingredients and black-made products).

Teaching them the science of what goes into it and why they need certain oils/fats etc in their hair and scalp.

A major objective of an African-centered curriculum is to teach children about the greatness of Africa’s past as well as its historical contribution to world knowledge. This information must be brought into our children’s education for all age groups to learn and reflect on.

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