30 Printable Kwanzaa Activities For Children



These activity sheets are from the second book in the two-book series: Let’s Celebrate Kwanzaa

The first book, “Let’s Celebrate Kwanzaa,” has already been rated as one of the best Kwanzaa books for kids! It can be enjoyed by the whole family and used to teach children about the seven principles (Nguzo Saba) and the importance of the cultural holiday.

  • This activity book has been designed for children aged 4-7.
  • The activities have been designed to promote learning, creativity, and development whilst reinforcing the seven principles of Kwanzaa and lessons taught in the first book.
  • The activities aim to encourage children to develop their fine motor, receptive language, and pre-writing skills.
  • They include crafts that require the child to cut or paste for example.
  • The activities incorporate reading, comprehension, and writing into them wherever possible to increase motivation and desire to learn by expanding vocabulary.

These books are the perfect tool (and gift) to teach and reinforce important values in all African children across the diaspora such as;
– self-determination
– unity
– cooperative economics and so much more…