The Roberts Family: Homeschoolers From Birmingham, UK

My name is Simone: I am a Professional housewife for myself, my husband Mark and our six children. Raél 19, Rocsi 7, Taurel 6, Kenzi 4, Nile 2 and Hezekiah 5 weeks. 

My name is Mark Roberts; I am a professional photographer, videographer. I am the Leader and provider for my wife and children. 

We are a vegan family and homeschool our five youngest children. We have a YouTube channel called Thankfullytrue where we share our homeschooling, lifestyle journey. 

Our Approach to home-education is based on our love for life and learning.  

Mark is self employed we spend a lot of time together as a family and we’re continuously learning how to support each other within our roles. We are all learning how to take pictures, film video and edit too. 

We’re excited to connect with others in this community to continue to learn something new everyday. We’re all great parents and can learn so much from our shared wisdom. 

Why do we home school our children?  

Why not? Is the short answer! However below we will put our lifestyle into words. 

We must point out that we are not anti-school. We believe that our children should be with us for the beginning of their lives. 7 hours a day is something we are not comfortable with long-term so, we have no immediate plans to send any of our children to school. All of what is learnt in school can be done at home, tailored to our individual children that suit us as a family. 

We focus on how we want to live our lifestyle, our energy provides the basis for everyday learning. 

The way that we live, interact with each other as a married couple sets the example to the children to honor and respect their relationships with themselves and others. They really do mirror our behaviours so we are very mindful of the way we must conduct and care for ourselves (which includes a good nights sleep.) 

At home, we can instil a lifestyle of self-love and connection. 

We are a musical family, to say the least. As well as many other creative areas we focus on instruments and hopefully will move on to grading their abilities in the near future. The children can practice their instruments daily, uninterrupted and to a level that pushes for excellence. 

The promotion of hard work is vital for us. A level of excellence is to be better than yesterday in all that we do. Including housework chores! An important part of our home school day is to spread, change their own beds and to fold and pack away their own clothes. The children are valuable members of our household and their contribution helps us to run our home well. 

Worldschooling is something that we focus on too. Travelling around the UK has introduced us to new areas of learning. We can not wait to take it worldwide too. 

In this changing world we can all appreciate the simple things in life. We are reminded that we need to value ourselves for who we are not what we’re expected to do. As a home schooling family we can also appreciate that we are ahead of the game too!

 Even if we can not meet up our families and friends can play a role in a life filled with learning opportunities. Family and friends via video call or email can play a role using their area of confident expertise. Our family have helped in areas such as Tai chi, geography, maths, dance, Swahili which has all been done via zoom during lockdown restrictions.  

Our neighbours also play a key role in our lifestyle especially more recently. We have realised the wealth of knowledge in our neighbours that has and will continue to provide great learning opportunities. 

We are ‘Thankfullytrue’ on youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Do feel free to connect with and subscribe to us. We would love to hear from you. We can advise each other moving forward. 

Thank you

Lots of love and blessings from us all. 

‘Thankfullytrue with the Roberts’

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